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Now a part of
Imperial Dade


  Touch Free Buildings
We supply a large array of touch-free products to suit whatever your need may be including faucets, flushers, door openers, soap, dispensers and more.

  Microfiber Products
We carry all of hottest new items in microfiber.  Products include rags, mops, dusters, etc. 
Now available:
Portable Washing Machine...
We have a complete line of products for your eco-friendly business. Everything from philosophy to chemicals to paper and much more.





Q. What if I'm concerned about MRSA or other Bugs?

A. We offer solutions with a complete line of disinfectants and sanitizers for hand and hard surfaces.

Q. What is Green?

A. Green is an eco-friendly philosophy that we strongly believe in.  Speak with our trained sales professionals.

Q. How do we convert to Green?

A. Going green is not as hard as it may seem.  In fact, you may be half way there already. Speak with our trained sales professionals.

Q. Does going Green affect our Bottom Line?

A. Absolutely not.  In most cases there is a savings.  Speak with our sales professionals.




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